Endurance is Patience Concentrated: Life Update

Endurance and patience matter as much as talent and luck.  This platitude can be difficult to keep in mind when you feel dead creatively or drained of energy.  This year has been a crazy journey, but well worth the ride.

pugPugs won’t cuddle you when you feel sad.  They’ll try to gas you to exert dominance.

I’ve found that the trick to surviving the rough patches is to stop a moment, relax, consider where you’ve been, and then decide how to get where you want to go.


My heart goes out to my friends that have lost their job this morning.  You can read more about CCP and the WoD MMO here.

Here is general news about my plans for this year:

    • This week I’m attending Norwescon 2014 as a professional guest.
    • The anthology The Future Embodied that I co-edited with Mae Empson dropped this weekend in Kindle format.  Please support this project if you have the interest and cash.
    • If The Future Embodied continues to do well, the next anthology project will be titled Apotheosis and focus on life for humanity after the hoary Old Ones have returned to the Earth and reclaimed it.
    • The success of the short story megapacks convinced me that this was a very good alternative revenue stream.  The amazing photographer and designer Meredith Gerber helped me revamp a number of covers for the older megapacks.  She has an amazing eye for detail. You can see the new covers here.
    • Meredith Gerber also helped me reimagine the cover for the re-release of Dylan and the Dream Pirates.  I’ll be releasing a number of new short story megapacks and two novels (Abigail’s Dragon and The Highway West) this year.
    • I have a number of short stories that will be published this year.  You can check them out on the Future Publications page.

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