[Publication] Mind’s Eye Theatre: Blood & Betrayal

It seems like forever ago that I helped run Blood & Betrayal at Los Angeles by Night.  it was a special night that showed me that when people work together towards a dream that almost anything can happen.  You can read about it in detail in a blog post I wrote:  Be Bold, and Mighty Forces Will Come to Your Aid: LA by Night 2013.

And finally, we’ve released MET: Blood & Betrayal.


My favorite moment of Blood & Betrayal is pictured.  I watched from the side as a member of One World By Night and Mind’s Eye Society took the stage together and blew the doors down.


Jimmy Reckitt (as Strauss) and Dhaunae De Vir (Madame Guil)
Photograph from C. Wenzel Photography
During the one of the planned tent-pole scenes of the game, I looked up at the stage to see Prince Strauss of L.A (portrayed by Jimmy Reckitt from OWBN) and Justicar Madame Guil (portrayed by Dhaunae De Vir of the Mind’s Eye Society) on the stage.  That moment was everything I imagined Blood & Betrayal could be and it spotlighted the brotherhood between the different clubs.  We’re all people who love this game and if we extend some hands we could be brilliant friends and partners in making this hobby shine.
This fall, we’ll be running Blood & Betrayal 2: Dark Alliance at Las Vegas by Night.  I look through this PDF and see all of the friends and wonderful people who got involved at the game and I’m very excited about the next one.  The hobby has grown and now we have a third national networked club (Underground Theater) and I hope to see this moment repeated.
Blood and Betrayal Teasers: One Night, Many Stories
Seven plotlines, dozens of NPCs, and multiple player handouts: Blood & Betrayal is a complete scenario for Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade. It contains everything that you need to prepare, manage, and run all the stories from the Blood & Betrayal premiere event hosted at the L.A. by Night World of Darkness fan convention in 2013.
  • The plots are presented in interlocking but discrete segments, allowing Storytellers to mix and match them as desired.
  • Includes are many printable handouts, including a combat cheat sheet, status tickets, story seeds, and character sheets.
  • Illustrated with high-quality color photography from the Blood & Betrayal event at L.A. by Night 2013.

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