[Publication] Shadowrun: Data Trails


I wrote two sections for Shadowrun: Data Trails.

“Corporate Sponsorship” involves a hacker/rigger team making a dangerous shadowrun against a prestigious law firm on behalf of Lord Bastian, an elf death-metal star seeking to finally claim the master recording files of his latest protest album.

I also wrote Chapter Ten: Mastering the Matrix.  This chapter concentrates on helping game masters learn how to create and run scenarios involving the Matrix.

Here is the teaser:  Data Trails is the Matrix sourcebook for Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, offering more options for decker and technomancer characters, including qualities, programs, gear and more.  With detailed examinations of hacker culture, information on diving deep into immersive hosts, and briefings on the strange sites hidden in dark corners of the Matrix, Data Trails is a vital resource for any Shadowrun players involved in the omnipresent flow of information. Non-Matrix specialists have chances to get in on the adventures as well, with game details explaining how their skills and expertise translate into the wild virtual world.

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