Fiction Bibliography 1996 to 2006

Stories Written by Jason Andrew (1996 -2006)

“The Art of the Deal”  Aberrations Magazine #26 (Sirius Fiction, 1996)

“15 Inches” — Nasty Snips (Pendragon Press, 1999)

“Grey Wishes”  Purgatory: Special Edition (Atomic Hyrax Games, 1999)

“The New Gods of the Lost Children”  Time for Bedlam (Saltboy Press, 2005)

“The Last Delivery” — Hell’s Hangmen: Horror in the Old West (Tenoka Press, July 2006)

“Mathematics of the Chosen” — Animal Magnetism (2006)

“In US, God Trusts”  Star Spangled Zombie (Maniac Press, 2006)

“The New Gods of the Lost Children” — Gods and Monsters (Simian Publishing, July 2006)

“Geometry of the Soul” — Arkham Tales: Stories of the Legendary Haunted City (Call of Cthulhu Fiction) (Chaosium Books, November 2006)


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