Writing Tips

I think my grandest accomplishment in life is solely making my living via writing since 1996.  (Yes, I am old.)  I’ve written everything from technical white papers, marketing briefs, computer manuals, video game dialog, short stories, roleplaying games, and even a couple of novels.

I’ve learned a lot of the information on this page the hard way and I’ve collected it here for others to learn from my mistakes.

Market Information:

These are the places I look for open submission markets.  This is the place for those hungry to see their words published to look and careful decide which markets might be right for them.

Jason’s Personal Writing Tips

These articles and exercises are my personal advice about writing.  This is my methods and madness.  Buyer beware.

Tips from Other Writers

These are the writers that I read and carefully consider.  Take that as you will.

Important Writing Resources

Every new writer should be aware of these resources and take their advice seriously.

3 thoughts on “Writing Tips

  1. Thanks for the tips, man! It sounds like you have some decent experience to lend to the rest of us out there…I am firmly entrenched myself as a ‘non-publishing’ writer. Freedom of information, and all that, but I dig it.

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