The Future Embodied is Now Live! (Kindle Version)

Working on this project was akin to watching a dream take physical form.  Physical copies of The Future Embodied should be available sometime next week.


The Future Embodied – An anthology of speculative stories exploring how science and technology might change our bodies and what it means to be human. Imagine what our ancestors a mere hundred years ago would have thought of the modern world. Think of the medical marvels we experience on a daily basis that would have seemed impossible. Recent medical advances have dramatically extended the human life-span to unthinkable lengths. Science has changed how we live in this world. Technology has allowed humanity to dramatically alter our environment, how we communicate, and how we experience life. Imagine now what our descendants might experience. What new trials or tribulations will the future of humanity suffer, or overcome? The final frontier won’t be out in space but inside our own bodies.

Experience the future as imagined via nineteen powerful voices envisioning what we might become. Including stories from: William F. Nolan, David Gerrold, Ree Soesbee, Jennifer Brozek, Katrina Nicholson, Nghi Vo, Jennifer R. Povey, Sarah Pinsker, Thomas Brennan, Miles Britton, Megan Lee Beals, Lauren C. Teffeau, Shane Robinson, John Skylar, Preston Dennett, Alexandra Grunberg, Wayne Helge, and Holly Schofield.

 Now available on Amazon for $4.99.   (Other e-book formats will be available in May, 2014)


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