[Publication] Cosmic Vegetable: An Anthology of Humorous SF

cosmic-vegetable-anthology-of-humorous-sfMy short story “Victory of the Dark Lord” appears in Cosmic Vegetable: An Anthology of Humorous SF (Dreamscape Press December 2013).  This story was inspired by a friend named Rob that once randomly decided that the humorous sidekick to the invincible hero would actually make the best villain because he could manipulate in the open without suspicion.

Teaser: Cosmic Vegetable is an anthology of humorous science fiction and fantasy that may also officially qualify as a pharmaceutical drug. Thus, please consider the possibly serious side effects of reading this book: incessant smiling, muscle aches, laugh fits, stomach aches, crying, depression, wetting oneself, blindness, demonic possession, and finally, death by laugh-induced asphyxiation. Nevertheless, prepare to be thoroughly entertained. Within these pages you will find cats, six-breasted nymphs, space zombies, talking furries, romantic weaboos, sexy slime dancers, an over-eating insectavore, an uxorious time-bending physicist, thoughtful social commentary, fart jokes, and, of course, mobbins.

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