The Great and Mighty Reprint Megapack Experiment of 2013

Short fiction can be a difficult investment of time and effort for the working writer.  The age of the short story writer making a solid living in New York is long dead.  Think of every story that you write as a brand new car resting on the dealer’s lot.  The very moment you drive one of those new cars off a dealer’s lot, it loses value.

HSTAnd that’s not really taking into account being a batshit crazy driver!

The moment a short story sees print (virtual or otherwise) it loses value to a publisher.  Many publishers of worth do not accept reprints in their regular publications.  This is why you should always be certain that you happy with the payment you receive for a story, because once that cheery has been popped, there’s no going back.

typewriterI’ll cut your fingers, kid!!

The good news is that reprint anthologies are becoming more popular with some of the larger publishers.  This allows a wily editor to bundle a number of reprints from popular names, established professionals, and hungry newcomers into a thick bible of great content.  The bad news is that these reprint anthologies typically only pay 1 cent a word and tend to be few and far between.

Short fiction can be a difficult investment of time and effort for the working writer.  This may be why a number of writers are attempting different methods of distribution, including self-publishing.

Sales have been good, especially for the low investment on stories that were no longer making me money.  I released four megapacks at the beginning of the year.  I made enough cash to pay my light bill several times over the course of 2013.  If you live in the Pacific Northwest, then you know that’s not too bad, especially in in the winter.

By my standards, I consider this to be a successful experiment.  I recommend it to any writer with a backlog of reprint stories.

To celebrate, I’ve lowered the price on my megapacks for the holidays to 99 cents. You can check them out below.


Bound by Blood: A Collection of Erotic Vampire Tales
What is it about the vampire that captures the imagination? Why are we drawn to these immortal creatures? Why do we find them so irresistible? Bound by Blood is a collection of short stories and novellas featuring erotic vampires, their victims, and the price for pleasure. These tantalizing tales of erotic horror written by Jason Andrew will delight vampire and paranormal fiction fans.

starlightScheherazade Cast in Starlight: A Collection of Social Science Fiction Stories
Scheherazade Cast in Starlight is a collection of social science fiction stories by that examine how advances in science and technology might change the human condition and the societies and universes we might create in the future.


Darkly Dreaming in Black Waters: A Collection of Lovecraftian Horror
The immortal H. P. Lovecraft might have had a limited readership during his lifetime, but his shadow stretches long to modern nights and beyond. Darkly Dreaming in Black Waters is a collection of horror stories inspired by the great and terrifying themes of Lovecraft’s fiction.


Dark Inheritance: A Collection of Heller Mysteries
The Heller family has a sacred secret passed along from generation to generation.   During the Battle of Hastings, Jørgen Hellyer fought for William the Conqueror at Battle Abbey. His unknown deeds that night brought forth a curse upon all of his descendants. Unto each generation of the Hellyer lineage comes a champion that must face a trial of darkness and blood. Some rise to the challenge and become heroes destined to fight against evil until they die alone. Others fall to the hunger of their corrupt souls.  The Heller Mysteries were created and written by Jason Andrew. Read the stories that chronicle generations of the Heller family facing the true terrors that haunt the world.

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