(Publication) Tomorrow: Apocalyptic Short Stories

TomorrowTomorrow: Apocalyptic Short Stories

Fifteen apocalyptic short stories predicting what we may wake up to “Tomorrow” morning. None of us know what will happen in the near future. The world, as we know it, could change overnight and these stories explore the possibility of plagues, biohazards, alien invasion, natural disasters and human error.

Kayelle Press is proud to announce the Table of Contents.

Mokushi by Calvin D. Jim
Cast Upon the Water by Joseph S. Walker
The Long Wait by Tim Jeffreys
Here I Walk by Joshua S Hill
Affairs in Order by Ryan Neil Falcone
Jeux D’enfants by Suzanne J. Willis
The Dew of Heaven, Like Ashes by William R.D. Wood
Home and Country by Margaret Pearce
Urban Jungle by Rob Rosen
The Honimoon Hotel by Steve Simpson
Programme Delete by Susan May
Imprint by Jason Andrew
The Neon Consciousness by Reece A. A. Barnard
The Quiet Company by Robin Kirk
Beyond the Nameless City by Aric Sundquist

You can purchase this anthology on Amazon: Paperback or Kindle


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