(Publication) Jersey Devil Press: The Lovecraft Issue

cthulu-300x300Jersy Devil Press: Issue 44 lies waiting for you to read, far beneath the ocean depths, in the stupefying ruins of R’yleh, sheltered in the shadows of madness.

Or you could just download the PDF.

We begin with “The Hunter in the Darkness” by Paul “Deadeye” Dick. It’s a fantastic take on what would happen if vintage Gonzo journalism crossed paths with a Dagon-like cult. Suffice to say drugs, nudity, and profanity ensue. Also, Scooby Doo references.

“Interior Design” follows, in which Rob Ern dares to consider what could be more terrifying than the Necronomicon. The answer, of course, is HGTV.

Next, Laura Garrison brings you a weird Western,“The Madness of Fluffytown.” It’s a story that also answers the question most of us have long pondered: what if Cthulhu were less squidlike and more, well, poultry.

Jason Andrew then mashes up Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle stories with Charles Perrault’s French fairy tale, “Puss in Boots.” Yeah, we would never have thought of that combination in a million years either, but Jason pulls it off nicely in “Whispers to the Moon Are Always Heard by Cats.”

Finally, Christopher Keelty closes out the proceedings with the straight-up unsettling “The Watchers in the Dark.”

‘Cause a Lovecraft issue should end with a story that will give you nightmares.

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