Today Was a Good Day

Life should always be this good.

Last night, I sent out the acceptance and rejection letters for The Future Embodied anthology. I was very pleased by the quality of the stories that were submitted. The selection was difficult, but my co-editor and I were of the same mind, which made things much easier than expected.

Today was Day One of my mini-summer vacation from the Mouse. It was amazing. Otter woke me very early for his first walk. I had a phone meeting afterwards where i simply ended up walking him again. Lisa and I walked him around the Mall and the neighborhood a couple of times. Otter is such a clown. He puffs out his chest whenever a lady comes up to him and pets him.

We had lunch with Kara Mia and chatted about life and the universe.

I hit draft complete for my freelance projects and finished some By Night Studios work. Life will now be a bit more leisurely

Tomorrow, I get to hang out with the wondrous Mr. Jason Carl and work on plans for LA By Night 2013.

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