Various Writing Stuff

Today, I decided to get past my funk and write.

I might not have been clear on how I’ve been putting together my novel. I’m trying to write each chapter as though it were a complete short story. This was my way to tricking myself into writing a novel. At the moment, I have 50k. I expect to add in another 30k words. My chapters have been around 10k words so far. Chapter Four is going to be split into two sections, I’m just not sure when to put certain events.

So far I have:

Chapter One: The Highway West
Chapter Two: My Love is Vengeance
Chapter Three: The Alchemist’s Daughter

Chapter Four involves the character from the above three chapters merging into each other. Basically, someone has been pulling their strings together. I was thinking something like
Nexus or Convergance. I want something more poetic.

I decided I was going to actively try for the Strange New Worlds contest. You can look at the rules at

I noticed a ton of people made their first pro sales there in the SFWA newsletter and it looks like a great way to break into media-tie markets. Working inside someone else’s universe is very easy for me. Last time, I got to the final round twice. If nothing else, it is a good way to practice writing and have fun. I think I’ve been missing a bit of the fun and taking it too seriously. I posted my last entries on and won some fans that bought my stuff in various anthologies because of it.

My first entry is called “True Warriors Go to StoVoKor.” It is about the three klingons Kang, kor, and Koloth going to Veridian III to make sure Kirk goes to StoVoKor or they won’t have anyone to fight in the afterlife.

Tomorrow I am going to write “Wisdom From a Different Age” where Barclay uses the holodeck to get advice from the legendary lady’s man, Captain James T. Kirk.

I am moving this weekend so I won’t be doing much writing this weekend. However, this week is my last week at the Evil Empire. They don’t have any more work for me, I asked, but they don’t want to let me go early. So they told me to entertain myself. So I have a full week of writing ahead of me. Yeah!

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