Looking for Market Advice

I have a 12,000 word novella that I believe is my thus far break through work. It is a science fiction/horror piece about the crew of a space cargo transport.

I want to send it to a pro market.

While there is a bit of hard science in it, I don’t quite think it would qualify as hard enough for Analog. I’ve only really read one of ASMOV’S SCIENCE FICTION, and I decided to sub to Analog instead.

I have a story pending review at The Magazine of FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION.

Can you guys think of another pro-market for a 12,000 word story? The main reason I think it didn’t get into Horror Beyond II was that it was too long. The editor seemed to dig it, but I can understand rejecting it as it was 2k words outside of the word count. Granted, he didn’t seem to mind when I queried him. And for the record, William Jones is the man. He has really encouraged me.

Any advice on where to send it?

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