Progress is continuing on the Highway West.

I’m in the middle of the most awkward scene so far. Awkward for the characters that is. Basically, Marguerite and Ruthie have to stay near Saint Mary’s Home for Children to protect it from the vampires. Marguerite is a vampire and is starting to get hungry. Ruthie offers to feed her a little. Marguerite explains that it is awkward since she normally puts the “whammy” on humans when she feeds from there. Here we have to women, both a little homophobic, having to go through a feeding scene. I think that it is my revenge for having been in the Camarilla Live Action role-playing club for so many years where vampires feed from each other like passing around beers at a frat boy kegger. Heh! It amused me. I think my spin on vampires is different enough to hold interest while still fitting the archetype.

I’m working on two short stories.

I’m doing research for a WWI short story. I’m looking for information about the Christmas Truce and trench warfare in general.

Once I am done with that, I am going to write out “In US, God Trust.”

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