My writer thought for the day

One of the most frustrating aspects of being a writer is the competition.

Every vocation, especially artistic ones, have competition. I enjoy competition. However, writers have competition on a scale that no other vocation in the world has.

Why am I complaining about it?

I think I’ve reached a new level in my writing. Rejection letters from editors are starting to get more and more kind. The last three rejection letters have all said the same thing. I really liked story X, but we just published a story with the same themes a couple of issues ago and I want to keep the issues balanced. One of the reasons I decided to do the Gods and Monsters anthology was that I wanted to see things more from the editor’s point of view. I totally understand that line of reasoning.

It is just a weird thought that when I submit something somewhere I am not just competing against the current volume of people that have submitting, but also against all of the people published in that magazine.

One of the editors has been really kind to me and had been reviewing a lot of my work. I appreciate the effort.

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