On the agenda…

Work is continuing on the Highway West. I like writing down thoughts here about the progress of the novel. Maybe it will be useful someday to look back, if it ever gets published. If nothing else, I’m learning about how to put together a novel. I like looking back and seeing my entries on short stories when I was working on them.

I have one of those characters that when he gets the spotlight he never, ever shuts up. I expect that in the end, I’m going to have to edit his dialog down a bit. Set-up more about the Marty mystery and why he is dying.

I have a couple of short stories in the works.

In the Night: My second Jonathon Heller story. This one is set in the trenches of Northern France during WWI. It is for a theme anthology, but it fits so well with what I wanted to do.

Untited: I have a space adventure for the crew of the Phoenix. It was going to be titled Darkness Beyond the Stars, but it seems that JMS will have a story titled Darkness Between the Stars published in one of the magazines I’m hoping to target and the names are way too close. This will be my first horror science fiction.

Story for Devil’s Gulch anthology: I have an idea about a cursed bounty hunter seeking help from a shaman and not getting what he bargained for.

I also have a couple of pages of an erotic fantasy story that is untitled.

Also pending because the story stalled, but I need to go back and finish:

Fresno By the Sea
The Pit Stop War

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