Morra Playtest: Dark Equestria: A Tale of Thrones, Betrayal, and Blood

#MorraPlaytest on 9/30/2019 because I love my ladies and we now have the ponies.  What is Morra?

A thousand years ago, two princess ponies; Celestia and Luna welded their unicorn magic to raise the sun and moon, respectively. The ponies were united and happy, they raced through the day and then danced at night. Until Celestia turned jealous and tried to turn the ponies away from all of the beauty that is the night.

Image result for goth my little pony

Reluctantly, Luna fought her sister and granted a portion of her power to the herd to fight her influence. The ponies grew stronger, faster, and nearly immortal, but the jealous Celestia decreed that her sun would forever burn the ponies and that one day the sun would burn out the night forever. And so the ponies grew strong, hunted their prey, learned they could survive on blood and terror brought to the day walkers. One day they would reclaim the light side of the world. One day, a new Queen of the Herd would arise….fealty is magic.

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