Where the Hell is Jason Andrew?

This has been a year of terrors and wonders.

Over Thanksgiving weekend 2017, I slipped on a dryer sheet and then hit the back of my neck. I later learned that this incident caused a tear in a major artery that more or less gave me a stroke.  I thought I had the flu, but half my body was numb.  And to top it off, I learned that I also had Type II diabetes.

I spent the week in the hospital. And worse, the very quality that I hold most dear, my brain, my intelligence, turned against me. I could feel myself think slower.  I remembered what it was like to be smart, but felt sluggish.  Like I was seeing everything through a thick sludge.

I had to get real. I left some projects. Some projects were paused for a time. I had to trust my fellow developers (mad props to Jimmy Reckitt and Jen Childs) to take up more of the load.  I had to surrender some of my agency over to my partners – Lisa and Andrea.  I had to depend on others until I could heal.

A lot of my friends stepped up in my life and made a difference.  Thank you to everyone that helped me through those months of hell.

I have a number of different projects in the pipe:

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