What the Frak: A Monthly Round Up for Jason Andrew


Otter reminded me that I needed to send out a monthly round-up post for the last two months as I’ve been a slacker.  To apologize, here is an image of my adorable dog.


  • Storyteller Secrets – Guidance and Advice for MET: VTM Storytellers went out to Kickstarter patrons this week.  I am very proud to  be one of the editors for this project.  I worked the usual BNS Development Team and a number of talented writers with knowledge and experience running Vampire The Masquerade LARPs.  There is a lot of tip and advice in this PDF for the novice and expert storytellers.
  • Next week I am attending Orycon 36 as the Editor Guest of Honor.  It is an honor that they even considered me.  This has required that I finished some of my freelance work and make some preparations on reviewing some manuscripts.



  • I have been spending a number of cycles this month on Chapter Four: Closer Than Family for the upcoming W20 supplement Changing Ways from The Onyx Path.  It has been an honor and a privilege to work with W20 Developer Stew Wilson.


  • I started working in earnest on my next novel titled Mystical Rome.  Thus far I’ve managed to clock around 52,000 words toward this beast.  I am expecting another 50,000 to be written before the very rough draft is completed.


  • The print version of Whispers in the Abyss from 01 Publishing will soon be available from Amazon.  This anthology has a lot of cool cats in it such as A.C. Wise, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, and Nick Mamatas.  Whispers from the Abyss features my story “Fear And Loathing In Innsmouth: Richard Nixon’s Revenge”.
  • Speaking of novels, I may very soon have exciting news to announce about my novel The Highway West.


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