Nashville By Night in Photos

I spent a good deal of time in September preparing for Nashville by Night and the world premier of the MET: Werewolf The Apocalypse Alpha Slice Rules from By Night Studios.  It took several weeks for me to catch up on life, writing, and the world.

Damn it, Fowler!  Rock is STRONG!

The convention was wonderful.  I had a chance to meet lots of wonderful people and spend time in fellowship with old friends.  Here are a couple of my favorite snapshots from Honest Liar Digital.

The very first group of alpha playtesters

V30-XLSome of my vampire homies getting their drink on! 

More friends being adorable and awesome.

Someone making a character sheet for the MET: Werewolf The Apocalypse Alpha Slice Rules.

This ancient dance is known at the the batusi.

ne of the performers at the Valudrie aka the Saturday night party.


Speaking of By Night Studios, did you know that MET: Vampire The Masquerade is on sale at DrivethruRPG for Halloween?  If you haven’t bought your PDF, this is a time to pick it up on the cheap.

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