That Which is Imagined Can Never Be Lost: My Monthly Recap of Crazy

The world is a crazy, beautiful place.  Thus far, 2014 feels like I’ve caught the tiger by the tail and I’ve been dragged along for the ride.

not-crazyGive it just a little more time

Here were some of the highlights:

January 2014

  • My short story “Blood Will Have Blood” appeared in the Of Predators and Prey: The Hunters Hunted II Anthology from Onyx Path publishing.
  • My flash short story “The Embers Burn, and Gentle is the Arrow’s Stinging” appeared in Weretraveler.
  • I worked a great deal on the final detail work for Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade.
  • I attended the Midwinter Gaming Convention as a guest of honor.
  • I continued my tradition of Subversive Appleseeding, but alas no answers this year.
  • My sister-in-law Valorie died.  I drove to Eastern Washington with my wife.  Lisa spoke at the funeral and it was very sad and bittersweet.
  • My contract at Disney ended because I had hit the contract limit.  (Silly contract work restrictions.)
  • I discovered that a publishing house that had bought four of my stories has gone out of business and hasn’t told anyone.
  • I received an unusually high number of rejections for brilliant projects that I very much wanted to be part of.

photo (3)Otter and his pet Mini

The horrible truth is that I needed to slow my pace and enjoy the ride.  Street was killing me.  The break from the day job allowed me to do what I love and I’ve never felt better.  I write in the morning, take an Otter break, and then write until Lisa gets home.  I’ve never been happier.  I know that I will likely have to take another day job soon, but I am enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Here are some of the highlights of this month:

February 2014

  • I managed to score three different freelance RPG writing gigs for amazing properties.  (I’m not allowed to announce them yet, but one of them made Lisa squee.)
  • I wrote my first complete comic book script and submitted it.  It has made it through the intern gatekeeper.  Fingers crossed.
  • I completed the layout process for The Future Embodied anthology and am now working on writing the introduction with my co-editor.
  • I’ve reviewed, edited, and developed Storyteller Secrets – Guidance and Advice for MET: VTM Storytellers.  I even wrote an essay for it titled “The Economy of Cool.”
  • I’ve started writing my next novel titled Salvation Falls.
  • I’ve started working with an amazing partner on a new comic book.
  • Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade is now going to press for the hard copy books.

To quote a friend, life is good.

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