Midwinter Gaming Convention: It’s Not Just a Convention, it’s an Adventure


Midwinter Gaming Convention isn’t just a mere convention, it’s an adventure.  I had the honor of serving as a guest of honor and I had a grand time.  

Anne Zellmer runs an amazing convention.  As a guest, I found it quite easy to locate my panels.  All of the little details were handled before I arrived.  She even picked me up from the airport out of the kindness of her heart.  She is a class act and I hope that the convention attendees realize how much work she has put into the organization.

photo (2)One of these writers is secretly a murder hobo, guess which one?

My Interactive Writing Workshop went quite well.  Four of my students finished their short stories and sent it to me to revise.  That’s fairly good for a workshop.

orcsI hate random encounters!

I was attacked by orcs in the hallway.

IvanHail to the King!

I hung out with Ivan Van Norman from the King of the Nerds.  You should check out his roleplaying game Outbreak Undead.


I ran a Hunters Hunted 2 scenario titled Down and Out in 8 Mile for a very fun group.

I helped some players make new characters for the Breakwater LARP with the new Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade.

20140117_200443Are you ready to be scourged for Caine?

I played a neonate Tzimisce in the pack AK-37 named Fang and had a blast.

There were two By Night Studios panels.  I am always awed by the gracious nature of the LARP community and that love we all share of these properties.

photo (2)Look I’m taller than someone!

The best part of any convention is the people and friends and Midwinter was no exception.

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