Extra Life 2013: The Devil’s Geeks Schedule for November 2nd 2013

I am participating in the Extra Life 2013 Gaming Marathon for charity.  If you want to play one of our sessions, click here to join The Devil’s Geeks.
Here is our gaming marathon schedule for November 2nd 2013,
Alpha Session (9 AM to 2 PM Pacific Standard Time)
Storyteller: David Bounds
Title: Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead
Setting: Dystopia Rising
Theme: Survivalist Horror
Characters: 5 (Pre-Generated)
Description:  You died.  What came next was terrifying enough but then you woke up somewhere you have never been before.  You’ve face more zombies than you can count but this is a new type of fear.  Something has changed and, soon, you will too.

Bravo Session (3 PM to 8 PM Pacific Standard Time)
Storyteller: Meredith Gerber
Title: Pending
Setting: Mage: The Ascension
Theme: Pending
Characters: Pending
Description:  Pending

Omega Session ( 9 PM to 1 AM Pacific Standard Time)
Storyteller: Jason Andrew
Title: Down and Out in 8 Mile
Setting: Hunters Hunted 2
System: V20
Theme: Horror
Characters: 7 (Pre-Generated)
Description:  Living in 8 Mile ain’t easy, but at least you have friends and family to help you get by.  The problem is that good people without a lot of options are disappearing.  At first, the neighborhood just wrote it off to the usual suspects, but then the gangs started getting hit.  No one cares about 8 Mile.  The police just look the other way.  The only way to survive is to stick together.