Twilight Temptations Photo Contest

My short story collection Twilight Temptations is now available via Amazon!  It will be available later in Kindle format, but for now it is only available in print format.  Check it out here:

To celebrate, I am holding a contest and giving away a number of prizes.  How do you participate?  If you purchase a copy of Twilight Temptations, take an amusing photo while holding the book, then send it to with the subject Twilight Temptations.

Over the last several years, I have collected multiple copies of various anthologies, magazines, or RPGs that feature a story of mine.  The first 10 photos I receive will receive a copy of one of these publications.   So, get your photo in early for a better chance to win a prize.

On March 1st 2012, I will randomly select one of the participants as the Grand Prize winner.  Said winner will have a tuckerization in a personal short story that I will write specifically for you.  Have you always wanted to be a Space Cowboy with a Kung Fu grip?  We can make that happened at least for one story.

Please feel free to share this contest far and wide.  Thank you to all of my friends that have been more than supportive over the years.

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