Thanks to sylvan, I finally found the perfect last name for the main character. Dylan Foley.

Foley has a history of also meaning pirate or marauder, which is perfect. I used to have a close friend named Foley and I expect that if he knew that his last name meant pirate, he’d love it.

And so, Dylan Foley and the Dream Pirates is on!

And for the one or two really old school friends of mine, I’ve changed the name of one of the chapters to “Requiem in the House of Logos.” I can assure you that the House of Logos is used completely different this time.

Now, I just need one more name. I need to create the name of a fake hyper-macho action star. Something fun like Chuck Norris. You know like Chuck Norris doesn’t do pushups. He pushes the earth down.

I need to talk to Kevin about sailing a bit more.

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