Work is progressing on Dylan and the Dream Pirates. The premise is very fun to write and I am keeping myself amused by inserting sly references to things that first appear in Abigail’s Dragon. I’m still not happen with Dylan’s last name, which is currently Salt. I want something to do with the sea or sneaky, but I can’t quite find the right name. I’ll find it eventually. Starting on this book has made me less obsessive with the last one.

Both Loxi and Remington Borri appear in both books. I really enjoy both of those characters and each of them might eventually get their books.

Abigail’s Dragon will be in the hands of actual kids that make up the initial target range by this weekend and I am very excited. Of course, Lisa has started getting ideas for minor tweaks to the story, but I’m waiting until I hear from them. The novel is out in the submission ether and I have grand hopes for it.

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