Lisa and I went to Gameworks and then saw The Order of the Phoenix last night for our date night.

Gameworks have dramatically improved their dinner menu.

I really enjoyed the Order of the Phoenix. I might be my favorite Harry Potter movie. Spoilers and thoughts hidden behind the cut.

I have to reread the Order of the Phoenix. I don’t remember Luna Lovegood being quite so manipulative. Maybe it was the way that the movie just played, but Luna’s way more insightful and clever than I remembered. The actress stole the movie.

I take back my thoughts about Bella being played by Helen Carter. She was awesome. Although I thought she was going to dry hump Nevelle’s leg there a bit. Fanfiction writers will be playing with that one for years.

Speaking of Nevelle Longbottom, the actor has grown two feet since the last movie.

Umbridge was just awesome. Her scary office of cute kitties is just pure evil. I love how she made Filtch dress in a suit.

Several wonderful details were added to scenes such as the kitten leaving the scene to go warning Umbridge. The Potter line was on the tapestry. Sirius’s brother listed on the Black Family tree. Kretcher and Momma Black were perfect, if not used that much.

And I think the ending pretty much foreshadows the return of Sirius.

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