Life has been fairly busy.

I made the last changes to Abigail’s Dragon and I’m preparing the synopsis. I have an agent I’m going to send it to that seems interested so fingers are crossed.

In doing research for The Doom That Fell Upon the Villa Diodati, I discovered a book that used almost the same plot twists that I had planned including two of the same historical characters. I’m going to set aside this idea. Writing a book is a large investment and I don’t want to spend the next year on a book and then discover that it is too much like what has gone on before.

I suppose that will give me time to work on short stories for a bit until I fall in love with another idea.

Submissions have started coming in for the next anthology from Simian Publishing titled Twilight Temptations. You can see the guidelines at I’m hoping some of the writers that have friended me will submit a story. Otherwise, I know where many of you live. Bwa-ha-ha!

Vacation was very nice. My lovely wife was kind enough to give me a couple of days to finish Abigail’s Dragon.

I’ve been really enjoying the LARP that I’ve been playing. I just wish it wasn’t every week. That can be a real drag. I’ve decided that my next character is going to be a trucker/bare knuckle illegal boxer that has a giant orangutan for a companion.

Speaking of which, I watched Every Which Way You Can a couple of nights ago and it weird how movies can imprint on you at such an early age. I think my love of apes started from that movie. That or BJ and the Bear. Look, it was the 70s and God was punishing humanity. Hmmm….that would make a good story. Disco as a punishment from God.

I’ve been keeping up with my exercise. My neck size is getting smaller, which is good. I think my pants are a little looser, but I’m not noticing a weight drop. But then muscle weighs more than fat.

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