I now have 35 pending submissions in the mystical ether.

I have finished editing Into the Dreamlands and am now waiting for two authors to reply with last minute changes.

I now have pending for the next three months:

1. A revision to complete for a story for Dragons, Angels, and Knights.

2. A revision to a novella to increase the lesbian factor for my novella “My Love is Vengeance.”

3. Finish “Elixir of Tears” for Pirate anthology.

4. Write a story for submission to Swords and Sorceress 22 anthology.

5. Write a flash story for submission to Machine of Death

6. Write a submission for Paging Mr. Hitchcock anthology

7. Write a flash piece for the West Virginia ghost story anthology.

8. Finish “The Fisherman’s Wife” for That Mysterious Door anthology.

9. Write Colony on Mars after Earth’s destruction story for Triangulation.

10. Erotic android story for Androids 2.

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