State of Writing

I started more copyediting on Into the Dreamlands. This anthology is going to kick twenty different kinds of ass. I’m taking my time with the copyediting because I’m hoping this will make a big difference.

Sadly, my edit for Abigail’s Dragon keep going. I’m working on Chapter Eleven: Apotheosis and I keep coming up with more story.

I figured out that there needed to be another adult in the story that was friendly to Mrs. Aithne and Maple filled that role nicely.

I also gave Trunk a step-brother. I figured that would screw with his head a bit more and I know what it is like to live in a family where the people taking care of you have “real” sons and you are kind of the live in. It can fuel a certain amount of anger.

I’ve been beefing up the Clara character.

I also figured out how to include Teddy and Clara more in the final battle and figured out a good cost of winning.

I also still have to edit Chapter Seven: A Time for Every Purpose. I need to pack more dramatic punch into the big character death and the big character birth.

And then I have to rewrite Chapter Twelve: The New Year. I need to make it more of an ending chapter rather than just a random this is what happens next.

I keep coming up with bits of story. I want to make sure that each character has a story inside of the novel. I’d also like to hit 60k in words, which I think will make it fair good sized for a Young Adult novel.

Despite all of this, I am eager to jump to my next novel or project. I don’t want to just endlessly editing this one over and over. I need to buck up and quit being lazy and finish these bad boys.

December has been a bad time for the writing.

I’m looking for a publisher for a story collection. I have a good mix that I think I can use to excellent advantage. No bites on the queries just yet, but I have my hopes.

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