Abigail’s Dragon is safely in the hands of the first test reader. I am nervous and have a bad feeling in my stomach over it. This work is the best that I have to offer. I’m afraid that it will suck on a scale hitherto unknown to humanity. I’m ok with my short stories occasionally sucking. Why? It’s not that much of an investment. I can always do another story. Novels are like carrying a child.

The only way to avoid this malaise is to start another novel. Besides, once I start sending it out, I will go crazy if I don’t have another project. I’ve decided to start novel #2 on November 1st. I know that I will likely have to do some editing for Abigail’s Dragon when I get it back from the various test readers. I think if I am working on a second novel, it would be easier to avoid the various stings from feedback.

The Doom That Fell Upon the Villa Diodati was going to be my next novel project, but I am going to have to do a year’s worth of research for this alternate-history story. It has been suggested that I try to write a sequel to Abigail’s Dragon, but unless the first book gets picked up, it could be a waste of time.

The other options that I have been considering:
1. Untitled Phoenix novel. The Phoenix stories have gone over really well and hell, I think I could combine the two big stories into a novel fairly easily. The problem with this idea is that it is cross-genre horror/sci-fi pulp. Might not be the easiest sale to publishers. I think this would be the easiest to do without any research.

2. The New Gods of the Lost Children novel. This is my favorite short story I’ve written and the coolest title I’ve ever come up with. I think I could spin a novel out of the premise and several reviewers have suggested it. I think this could be a wicked dark fantasy/horror novel.

3. Fear and Loathing in Innsmouth: Richard Nixon’s Revenge. This would be a sequel to my novella Fear and Loathing in Bat Country: Hunter S. Thompson Versus Dracula. I’d like to see how well it does when it finally comes out this spring from Pendragon Press.

4. Crossroads: I have a series of novella, but I realized why I’m not happy with them. Unless I do a massive novel the size of the Stand, I have way too many characters. I might try to take one Sentinel and do a novel around them. One Sentinel, one sidekick, one guide. I have a massive wealth of background for this story. This will likely only make sense the Michael.

5. Jacob Heller/Occult Detective Mystery. I have a solid history for the family line. Occult Detectives/Mysteries are becoming very popular right now. I think I have a way to combine several plots into a plot that is both funny AND dark.

I’ll brainstorm for a bit. Any thoughts or comments are welcome. I am wanting to do something different that stands out. I really liked Jason’s idea for a story about humans being space rats in a giant spaceship that travels the galaxy.

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