My political science fiction story “In US, God Trusts” appears in Star-Spangled Zombie: An Anthology of American Horror.

I really like the cover.

This weekend I have been on vacation with my wife at the Ashland Shakespeare Festival. It has been very stimulating. Of course, we’ve been too busy for me to write much. I have managed to edit a great deal of my novella “My Love is Vengeance.”

In addition, I mapped out my short story for the death of my favorite horror writer. The title is “The Last Supper of Poppy Z. Brite.” I did ask permission and she granted it, which to me is fairly classy.

I have a HUGE list of stories seeds.

I received a rejection on “Valedictorian Speech, 2055” and as it was an experimental piece I didn’t have a lot of hope. Still, I thought it fit in with what they wanted. However, this rejection letter was very encouraging and pointed out a couple of interesting things. I’m going to backburner this one. The ideas for expansion would increase the word count for this story through the roof.

My fantasy and horror fiction comes easy. I love science fiction, but I almost feel like I don’t have the strong futurist background needed for a solid science fiction story. Sci-adventure stories are also easy, but not really what I am talking about. To address this, I’ve starting picking up science books. I’m reading an interesting book called Hyperspace dealing with string theory.

If anyone has any other suggestions, please feel free to reply.

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