I have an author’s page on Simian Publishing now.


One thing I am going to do when the bulk of my soon to be published stories finally see print is something like http://www.poppyzbrite.com/characters.html

I like the mapping of the characters. I have two different story groupings that could benefit from a page like this.

The Crossroads Chronicles cover all of the Sentinel/Defiler stories, Heller stories, Tulpa Stories, and randomness that fit in that universe.

The Phoenix Chronicles cover the adventures of the crew of a cargo transport vessel in the far future. So far, there is only one novella for this, but I have enough ideas for several more novellas and maybe a novel.

I updated my character spreadsheet today. Some of my characters crossover in surprising ways. Sheldon the mystic tattoo artist appears in “Geometry of the Soul.” He is also mentioned in “The Sound of the Dream” and “Skin Dancing.”

Johnny Dalton never actually appears in any of my stories, but his story is told in “The Art of the Deal” and his awful music is referenced in many stories. He even appears as an actor in “15 Inches.”

None of this is important to enjoying each of the stories, BUT it might provide an additional fun experience. I certain enjoyed Poppy’s website.

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