Valedictorian Speech, 2055” was reviewed by my lovely wife insatia. I think the story is decent. I have about 150 words I can add to it for the intended market and I know I need a bit more zip. I need a better ending. (800 words)

“One to Spare” is a post-cyberpunk crime story. I say post cyberpunk because we’re really in the post-cyberpunk era. Some of the technology from the early cyberpunk stories exits now. Basically, the story is about a motorcycle courier paid to transport kidneys for a transplant patient that has been blacklisted politically. (3000 words)

Both of these stories could use a beta reader, but I have to send them off by Friday. So if you are interested, I’d need them back tomorrow night. If you reply, please make sure I have your email address.

The next two stories I will be working on will be my Pirate Thief story and my wacky story about vampire fanboys kidnapping Poppy Z. Brite. I shall be drawing on my experience with a certain vampire fanclub.

I also have my novella “My Love is Vengeance” to edit and “The Strange Case of the Undead Alchemist” to finish.

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