Writer’s Update

“Valedictorian Speech, 2055” is being reviewed by my lovely wife.

I finished “One to Spare” last night before going to be. This story is about a motorcycle courier that has been hired to transport stolen body parts.

I’m brainstorming ideas for my pirate thief story for a fantasy story.

I’m considering writing a story for this, but I need to figure out which writer to do and I’l almost thinking I’ll need to ask permission. It just seems right to ask before killing someone off. However, it seems like a cool anthology.

NEW SHORT STORY ANTHOLOGY. Seeking horror/fantasy short stories, previously
unpublished of 2-5,000 words for the following topic: The death of your
not-so-favorite well-known living author. $50. + 1 copy. Deadline: JULY 15,
2006. Working Title: The Long Awaited Death of Stephen King.

We will only accept MSWORD submissions, single-spaced, 12pt TNR. You must submit a statement that the work is original to you and has never been published. Bio requested AFTER acceptance.

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