This last week has been filled with preparations on opening the store. That means that I’ve written less than I should have.

Things I need to do:

I need to edit “My Love is Vengeance” with the new character inserted in the last half. This shouldn’t be difficult as it is removing one character and replacing it with another and changing the character’s way of talking. The old character in that slot didn’t fit with the actions needed and since the bad guys have someone more suited for diplomacy, it does make sense that they would send Miriam instead.

I need to complete “The Strange Case of the Undead Alchemist.” This was derailed by other stories. This one needs about 5k more words. Once this is done, I’ll have three of the four novellas completed for the Crossroads Chronicles.

I received another rejection for “The Apprentice of the Mask” from a market I had written off last year. This is one of those odd duck stories. Every editor that has read the story said they liked it and that they enjoyed it, which is not always the same thing. Every person has also said that the beginning was too slow. I’m going to try to revise this as I enjoy the concept of this story quite a bit.

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