Vampires, vampires, vampires!

The last two weeks, I’ve been filled to the top of vampires.

First, I edited my novella “My Love is Vengeance” which has the first vampire character I’ve ever written about. The draft is decent, but there is just a little something missing that I couldn’t quite place. This piece is dark fantasy set in the Crossroads universe.

Then I wrote “Omega” which also has a vampire in it. It is also in the Crossroads universe.

And then I wrote “The Vampire’s Handmaiden.” It wasn’t meant to be in the Crossroads universe, but then I had a twisted idea and it works. And then I realized the problem with “My Love is Vengeance.” You don’t send a bully to negotiate. You send in someone with charm.

So now, I am going to rewrite two scenes in “My Love is Vengeance” and it will be totally kick ass.

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