This week marks the one year mark when my lovely wife encouraged me to start writing seriously and start sending out my stuff. I think I’ve been making several strides towards becoming some sort of professional freelance fiction writer. [I’ve been a professional technical writer for ten years.]

One Year Later….

Still, I’m very much a little guppie in a vast, hostile ocean in the world of publishing. I’m getting my name out and getting pieces accepted. I’ve started getting either better rejections or final round picks for a couple of bigger anthologies. I still have my finger crossed for some of them. It has been a good year.

The following has been published or will be this month:

Time for Bedlam: a Collection of Cautionary Tales

Animal Magnetism

Chainsaw Magazine #1

Gods and Monsters

Rage Magazine #3

Arkham Tales: Stories of the Legendary Haunted City

Hell’s Hangmen: Horror in the Old West

The following will be published:

Stories that are pending publication:

“In US, God Trusts” will appear in the anthology Star Spangled Zombie by Manic Press.
“Geometry of the Soul” will appear in the anthology Arkham Tales from Choasium
“The First Principle of Power” will appear in Rage Magazine in April 2006.
“Fresno by the Sea” will appear in the Grants Pass Anthology later this year.
“The Last Delivery” will appear in the Hell’s Hangmen anthology later this year.
“Lucky Stiff: Or How I Learned to Love after the Apocalypse” will appear in the magazine Escaping Elsewhere sometime this year.
“Fear and Loathing in Bat Country: Hunter S. Thompson Versus Dracula” will appear in Triquorum Two later this year.
“The 13 Steps to Hell in Maltby Cemetery” will appear in the anthology Room 636 later this year.
“The Sound of the Dream” will appear in the anthology Raw Meat later this year.
“The Highway West” will appear in the Lodestone anthology later this year.

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