I think I wrote about 3000 words this weekend for my novella “The Strange Case of the Undead Alchemist.”

I have a secret evil plan. I kept trying to tackle the story in my head as a novel. I ended up splitting the story into four parts.

The first three novellas are:

1. “The Highway West” This will be appearing in the Lodestone Anthology. This novella is 12,000 words.

2. “My Love is Vengeance” This novella is 12,000 words

3. “The Strange Case of the Undead Alchemist.” This one looks like it will be about 15,000 words.

The last part of the story will be a short novel, about 30 thousand words or so, with the title “Return of the Blue Lady.”

Once I’ve completed the saga, I’m going to try to package them all off as one big story to some of the publishers. As for a title, I’m thinking of calling it the Crossroads Chronicles.

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