I’m making progress on “The First Principle of Power.” I’ve added a couple of weird twists. I like writing for Professor Gavin.

2,800 / 5,000

There is a new anthology coming out that “The Last Delivery” would be perfect for, but I will need to do another edit round on it. I had some ideas to fix the ending. I may try for a better title.

At lunch, I outlined the new version of “The Pit Stop War” but I’ve decided that I need to find a better title. I also wrote a bit more for Abigail’s Dragon. I’m starting to flesh out more of the side characters.

I should be able to finish adding my copy edits to the stories that insatia has copy edited, so I can deliver them to sasjhwa. That will mean I’ve done about half of my copyedited for the Gods and Monsters anthology. I am really looking forward to this one coming out.

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