Story Update:

I restarted “The First Principle of Power” this weekend. The previous draft wasn’t quite working. I think I’m more on the correct track. I’m trying to write this for Fantasy and Science fiction magazine so I’m aiming for a particular style and mood. I have 1000 words so far.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
1,000 / 5,000

I’m not working on anything else until this story is complete.

Other stories on the list

1. The Pit Stop War for Wicked Karnival. I think I have the perfect idea for a good submission.

2. The Sugarman Cometh.

3. In US God Trusts.

4. Phoenix/cargo crew story about comets and space tombs.

5. Abigail’s Dragon

6. Fresno By the Sea

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