Things I’ve learned from copyediting Gods and Monsters

1. It is far easier to proof a story when you have it printed on paper. Tech writing is easier to proof than fiction and has a lot of subtle elements that only come out on the written page. This is going to cost me a lot of paper.

2. Sometimes, it is ok to have small ideas and play with it. Not every idea has to be a revolution. Sometimes a new look at an old theme works well.

3. I’ve gotten much better with details, but now I think I need to concentrate on improving the self-editing. I can do it, but again I need to finish stories, wait a bit, and then edit them.

4. I think I need to have a stop-gap. Only work one two or three stories at a time. [Not counting novels.] I think I need more focus.

With that in mind, my goals have changed.

1. Finish the “First Principle of Power” before working on anything else.

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