I think I had a fairly productive writer weekend. Sometimes, I can get distracted by email, IM, or occasionally something shiny. insatia bought me a kitchen timer. I set the timer and focus myself on writing for a solid block of time. I get a lot done that way.

insatia and I copyedited two of the stories for Gods and Monsters and then sent them to sasjhwa for his review. I really like this selection of stories.

I wrote 1100 words on “The First Principle of Power.” This is a fun science fiction story, which is little out of my usual range.

I also drafted a solid outline for Abigail’s Dragon. I’m going to be revising it in the next week or so.

I also worked on “In US, God Trusts.” This story is set a dystopian future where the United States has become a Theocracy and a minister is being interrogated for crimes against God. I’m worried that this one might come out trite as Bush joke #21. Still, I’m working to get it out of my system. I can revise later.

The other short story I am working on is called “The Sugarman Cometh.” This story is oddly vague to me right now. I’m now sure what I make of it at the moment.

I received feedback about “What You Need…” It was good feedback. Good editor feedback stings a little and tells you what you should do to make the story better. I made a couple of stupid rookie mistakes, but that can be easily addressed. I have to consider how best to follow the rest of the advice.

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