Writing to do list

Novel: Highway West. I completed the first draft. By this, I mean I finish the writing to the end of the plot. It comes in at 95,000 words. I left in a lot of blank spaces with “write more here.” I talked it over with sasjhwa and I’m going to put it away until the details of the Crossroads RPG is finished. I’d like the two to match and we’re still polishing the universe.

Crossroads: I think the draft is in good shape except for the powers section. Most invent new lists.

Short Stories:

The Quality of Mercy: This is for the Welcome to Devil’s Gulch anthology and is a Jebbidah Heller story. I think when all is said and done, I’ll be able to do a Heller anthology of the whole family.

Unnamed Freehold story: This is a fantasy story about a blacksmith that invents a new smelting process and as a result gets caught up in the politics of the area.

Space story: I have an idea for a space story based on a couple of ideas I ran with during my Firefly campaign.

The First Principal of Power: This is a story about a group of telepaths in the future deciding if the new treatment that would boost telepathic powers should be allowed.

I want to do a story for PAGING MR. HITCHCOCK: an anthology of dark stories inspired by the cinema, but I’m out of ideas. Maybe I’ll have to have a film marathan.

I also need a ghost story.

Other projects:

I promise the peeps from Deep 7 that I would create a freebie scenario for them as part of an application process to do some writing for them.

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