I figured out that Chapter 2 and Chapter 1 needed to be switched.

I don’t think this novel will be completed in 50,000 words, but I’ll make the monthly deadline.

There are 9 main characters that form the “Army of Light” dedicated to getting rid of evil in Seattle. I don’t really have a name for the group yet so I’m using Army of Light informally.

The characters are from short stories and previous novel attempts. I’m introducing the cast slowly.

The Cast includes:

Nathan Smith: Nathan has just completed his first year of college and his biggest dream is to be a writer. Nathan discovers that magic exists in the world and that he has the option to play a big part in the upcoming events. Nathan becomes a Sentinel via his father’s Tempus

Martin “Marty” Smith: Marty is Nathan’s Uncle. He was really close to his big brother Bill. Twenty years previously, Bill and Marty went on an adventure that changed their lives. Marty shows up in Nathan’s life to give him that same adventure.

Ruthie Jones: Ruthie Jones was raised to be the ultimate Southern housewife. If she had been a man, or raised in a different environment, she might have been a minister. Instead, she married an abusive man that tested her faith. She ran away from her husband and decided to volunteer until she knew what to do with her live. Her volunteering led her to Saint Mary’s Home for Children. She meets Marguerite when the vampire Murphy tries to attack the home.

Marguerite Sanchez: Marguerite’s parents died when she was ten and her little sister was five. They grew up in Saint Mary’s. Marguerite had a tough time that was made worse when Cecelia was killed in a car accident. Marguerite ran away from home and was attacked by a gang known as the Bloodz in LA and turned into a vampire. Most vampires embraced their new animalistic urges, but Marguerite found them unsettling and so she wandered from town to town. Advice from the Sentinel Rooster Brown leads her to Seattle and Saint Mary’s.

Jacob Heller: Heller is an average joe man with a cursed family. Each generation, one of the Hellers is cursed with being a magnet for the occult. Jacob was a police officer for Seattle until he started asking too many questions. Although a nice and intelligent guy, Heller looks like a mook that’s barely above a caveman. Miles the minor demon tried to hire Heller to assist him in breeching a contract, but Heller turned the tables on Miles and now Miles serves the good guys…for now.

Miles the minor demon: Miles is the typical middle management type of guy, except he’s a demon. He wanted to achieve more status and power, but was tricked by Heller. Due to the nature of that trick, Miles now has a conscious. This will last only as only as Heller is alive and married. Miles feels really bad and worse is terrified of what will happen when he goes back to form.

Joan Dalton Heller: Joan is a painter and the older sister of rock star Johnny Dalton. Johnny sold his soul to Miles the minor demon for fame and fortune. It was the worst deal that Miles ever made. He was really after Joan and her talent as a painter. Jacob finds a Tempus and is disappointed that it doesn’t work for him. It does however work for Joan.

Loxi: Loxi owns a coffee shop in Seattle. She also happens to be half VuTente demon. VuTente are temptation demons. But she has a nice bubbling personality.

Destiny: Destiny is the creation of Remington, a half insane shaman in Seattle. She’s a spiritual tupla encased in flesh. She’s a little naive, but really she’s a week old so you can’t blame her.

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