More Highway West

Here is a list of minor characters and big bads. Right now, I’m just listing characters. I have more information about them.

Minor Characters:

Jack Covell: The only guide in Seattle.

Stanky Wanky Joe: Mysterious tulpa that might be more than he claims.

The Blue Lady: This tulpa is the personification of hope in Seattle. Her well has been dead for twenty years, but children still tell her stories. Nine big bads cast a ritual to banish her from Seattle.

Doctor Bob Sloniker: Vice Chair of the Psychology Department for the University of Washington. Starting to wonder if the supernatural does exist.

Big Bads:

Murphy: Bad ass vampire. Member of the Zhongston cult. Sides with Byron.

Byron: Leader of a faction trying to take over Seattle. The funny thing is that he’s really Lord Byron aka George Gordon, but no one believes him.

Finneus MacDuff: MacDuff is the true master of Seattle. He’s a Scottish vampire that serves the arch-demon Mephistopheles in an attempt to save his mother’s soul.

Mr. Bang: This tulpa is the manifestation of urban fear. He’s unkillable except by his counterpart the Blue Lady. He serves whomever is the Master of the city.

Remington: Old wizard afraid of death. He created Destiny in an attempt to see if he can prolong his life with magic.

Christian Beron: CEO of Devil May Care software. Beron is some sort of techno-shaman that is using video games to try to harvest and corrupt souls.

Delilah: Miles’s older sister. Really mad that Miles shamed the family and is plotting revenge.

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