My production level is increasing, but sadly my publishing/sale rate hasn’t increased along with it. I know that it takes time, but I’ve been feeling impatient. 😉

That said, I was having fun this morning tying together threads from my Seattle Crossroads stories together in order to create the sample city for the Crossroads RPG. I’ve learned that I really love this city, which is kind of a weird thought. Am I a Seattle writer?

I have a couple of crime stories in my head I’m going to try to do as well. Branch out as it were.

Lisa brought me home chai yesterday and I wrote like a banshee. All that caffeine hopped me up like a drugged race horse and I went like crazy. I know that drinking a lot of caffeine is bad for you and I am trying to be more healthy, but then I look at the page count from yesterday and I think maybe Starbucks ain’t so bad.

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