This november….

I plan to try for

I’ve been clocking in a 7 to 8k words a week in short stories. Short stories are harder in some ways for word count. To do this, I’d need to do 1650 or so words a day. If I get up early in the morning like I did today, I think I can do this. My only potential problem is I tend to want to stop and edit stuff. I’ll need to clear myself of that.

I’ll need to clear out all of the short stories in my mind before then. I’ve been using the short stories as a short of boot camp. Building my writing muscle. Michael pointed out that I’ve been getting better when I write more and more in bursts.

And now I’ll need to choice from the ideas I have so far which are Abigail’s Dragon [full length novel] and the Highway West. I’ve started two novels with that title with the same themes and I keep getting stuck. I’d like to kill the bitch and move on. 🙂

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