Opening of current stories….

Since others are doing this and I thought it was neat, I figured I’d do the same thing. Basically, the meme is to list all of the stories you are working on and to post the opening line.

“Apprentice of the Mask”
Gallus was a lucky bastard and appreciated it. He had heard stories of illegitimate offspring of Senators sold to slavery or drowned as babies.

“The Strange Shell Game of the Undead Alchemist.”
Lewis Kalishnikov lived a dark life of infamy, lust, and the profane. The last year of his life he reformed for the sake of his daughter and eventually died peacefully in his sleep. The first two anniversaries of his death were punctuated with an appearance of his corpse and unexplained murder. Two days before the third anniversary, his only daughter found the one private detective rumored to handle such matters. “Mr. Heller, I’ve been given to understand that you handle such matters and are quite the expert. Please help me,” She asked the detective.

“The Pit Stop War”
The worst part about working the night shift at the Pit Stop was not the coked-up hookers, teenagers trying to pass themselves off as twenty-one to buying cigarettes, or even the random gas thieves. The worst part was dealing with Hank. Hank was the relief morning clerk. He was in his early forties and just cashiered out of the army after twenty five years. If Ryan didn’t manage to hit every item on the checklist, Hank went ballistic.

They say that becoming a father changes you. I used to laugh at saps like that. Baby 1992 had just kicked the ass out of old man 1991 when I learned much to my amusement that I was a father again for the eleventh time.

And the last two stories I completed:

“Geometry of the Soul”
Glancing through clippings from the past several years of the Arkham Register, Jonathon Heller decided that this small quaint town might pose a problem to his assignment.

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