[Publication] Mystical Rome

Mystical Rome: The War of Infinite Regress from Simian Publishing is now available on most online bookstores, in print and electronic formats.  Please spread the word about this project.


Teaser: Beware the Ides of March! Caesar failed to take heed, but faithful Marc Anthony did-and paid the ultimate price for his loyalty, forever altering the destiny of the Eternal City. Twenty years after the Soothsayers whispered their dire warning, Caesar still reigns over the unified Roman Empire. The oracles that saved him now operate a notorious academy, where they instruct the sons of the elite families in the eldritch arts. The only obstacles preventing Rome’s domination of the entire world are the barbarous Caledonians, and the seemingly invincible Parthian Empire. Caught in this chaotic time, the children of a murdered hero struggle to avenge their father and create their own legacy. To achieve this, they must regain their family’s lost political influence and obtain recognition from the Imperial Senate. Together they must face undead assassins, feuding patrician families, dangerous prophecies, and the magic of the Soothsayers before they can reclaim what is theirs.



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